Led class

    This is a conventional group class through one of the foundational Vinyasa Krama sequences. The teacher calls out the postures and guides you through the sequence with generalised instructions or demonstrations. The class is intended for more experienced students to follow the movement patterns precisely and consistently. The number of students per class is limited to 8 in order to give personal attention. If you are new to yoga and would like to know if this class is suitable for you, please send me an email

    90 min.
    8 students max.

    Yoga classes

    Self practice class

    An excellent way of practising yoga with a highly personalised approach.

    up to 120 min.
    8 students max.
    Private class

    A private yoga practice tailored to your physical condition and needs.

    60 min.
    1 or 2 students


    De Leefstijlkliniek 

    Wijnbrugstraat 389
    3011 XW Rotterdam

    Close to metro Beurs and Blaak