Yoga is about stillness of the mind; it is not about being bendy

This demonstration is meant to inspire you to practise, not to perform

It is also propaganda for yoga traditions that are much older than modern postural yoga. Focusing on breath and movement is a way to turn inward and to cultivate inner peace and vitality. With the additional benefits of a good physical training.

Yoga classes

Guided self practice class

A.k.a. Mysore style.

An excellent way of practising yoga with a highly personalised approach. 

up to 120 min.
8 students max.
Led class

A guided group class through a foundational Vinyasa Krama sequence.

90 min.
8 students max.
Private class

A private yoga practice tailored to your physical condition and needs.

60 min.
1 or 2 students

Send me an email to schedule an obligation-free chat (in-person or video). During an informal conversation you tell me your wishes and I will explain the various possibilities.


The physical practice is a way to focus the mind to go beyond mind stuff. For me, authentic modern yoga practice is about human flourishing and living a fulfilling life. Yoga can be a transformative practice, if practised seriously and consistently over a long period of time.

With regular practice, you will also gain substantial health benefits. Strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, less aches and pains, relaxation, and improved overall health and wellbeing are all useful byproducts.  

My approach to yoga is pragmatic and no-nonsense. Combining my experience as a yoga practitioner and physician, I focus on good structural alignment first and finding out what works for you. With enthusiasm and humor, I encourage you to apply a progressive approach to your practice. I am passionate about sharing this practice with you!

I started practising yoga about 15 years ago and started teaching about 10 years ago after my first teacher training in Jivamukti yoga. Through continuing education, not only in asana practice, but also in pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy and yoga therapy, what started out as a purely physical workout is slowly developing into a more mature practice with perhaps a slightly better understanding of what it is about.

I’m very grateful to all my teachers past and present, in particular to Luke Jordan and my current teacher Matthew Sweeney who teaches me yoga as it is.

I will do my best to figure out a practice that serves you. I will teach you a customised practice, adding postures one by one in a methodical way. You will gradually develop an allround yoga practice as you go along. Beginning students often assume that they need to be flexible to start a yoga practice. This is not the case. A wide variety of students can join regardless of age, physical capacity and any injuries or limitations. 

If you are interested and would like to get more info, just send me an email and I will get in touch.



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